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5G + Edge Services

You have two options to stand up a 5G network service + edge computing PoC in your lab. You can contact a vertically integrated vendor and purchase the entire system from them or you can go with a disaggregated system.

A disaggregated system will give you a better cost envelope, a competitive advantage on technology, and minimize vendor lock-in.

Essentially going with a disaggregated system transfers control from the vendor to you.

If you would like an end-to-end disaggregated 5G network service + edge computing PoC to be stood up in your lab, please contact us. We have two PoCs that we can replicate in your lab.

ONAP Services

 If you are a teleco, cable operator, enterprise, cloud provider, or a VNF/CNF vendor that plans to use ONAP, we offer the following services to you:

ONAP Deployment

Multi-node ONAP Deployment

xNF Onboarding

VNF, PNF or CNF or EMS/sVNFM onboarding for ONAP.

Cloud Native 5G Blueprint Deployment

We are part of the OPNFV Cloud Native 5G Network demo. We can deploy the blueprint, or parts of it such as network slicing, in your lab.

E2E Use Case Implementation

Service, workflow, directed graph, policy, analytics microservices, dashboards, control loop etc. design

ONAP Private Trainings

On-site instructor led (or virtual during COVID-19 pandemic) ONAP training at your facility.

Aarna is the top ONAP training provider with over 220 participants trained in ONAP and related technologies. Our training is focused on hands-on learning with over 60% of the instruction through labs. You can request custom training by mixing and matching the below topics. The cost is $800 per participant per day of training.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of NFV, moderately skilled in Linux and ssh/PuTTY, working knowledge of OpenStack and Kubernetes

Requirements: Laptop with network connectivity

Private Training for Certified ONAP Professional Course

The Linux Foundation has introduced a Certified ONAP Professional Exam. We have the right training to help you prepare for this exam. This 5 day course constitutes the above modules:

Cost: $4,000 per participant



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