AarnaStream Network Slicing Manager

AarnaStream 5G Value-Add Features

AarnaStream currently includes three discrete products: Network slicing, O-RAN Non-Real-Time RIC, and Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)

AarnaStream Network Slicing Manager

Adapted from ONAP's comprehensive 3GPP standards compliant end-to-end network slicing implementation, the AarnaStream Network Slicing Manager provides a robust slicing management solution. Our implementation supports standards such as 3GPP, O-RAN, and IETF. And since we do not create network functions, we are an ideal vendor neutral solution provider.

AarnaStream Network Slicing Manager
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AarnaStream Non-RT RIC

Adapted from the O-RAN software (O-RAN-SC) community, our Non-RT RIC provides policies to the the external Near-RT RIC to enable it to perform RAN optimization tasks. Our implementation supports the O-RAN standard. And since we do not create the Near-RT RIC, the network functions, or rApps, we are an ideal vendor neutral solution provider.

AarnaStream NWDAF

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The AarnaStream Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) product is designed in a manner similar to our Non-RT RIC. Fully compliant with 3GPP standards, our NWDAF is an ideal solution for customers looking for a vendor neutral implementation as we do not create 5G network functions.