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Multi Cluster Orchestration


AMCOP Functionality

Vendor Agnostic Solution Enables a Fully Disaggregated System

We only work on the management layer. We do not provide a Kubernetes NFVI solution, 5G RAN or Core cloud native network functions (CNFs), or cloud native applications (CNAs). This allows us to be completely vendor agnostic, an attribute vital for you to build a truly disaggregated solution that will allow you to slash capital expenditure costs and prevent vendor lock in.


A partial list of Kubernetes cloud/edge environments supported are:

Fully Cloud Native

We deeply embrace the CNCF and the cloud native ecosystem, while other solutions might simply support Kubernetes APIs and call it a day. A complete support of cloud native technologies is critical in moving to a next generation edge—cloud infrastructure.


Comprehensive 5G Support

  • 5G Core, 5G RAN Orchestration

  • O-RAN A1, O1 interface support

  • REST, NETCONF/RESTCONF configuration management

  • CNF, VNF, and PNF support

  • SON

  • Network Slicing

  • Analytics (NRTRIC, DAF, etc.)

  • Supports CNFs & CNAs directly; or via an Operator or sVNFM/EMS

The Benefits of Open Source

Our core platform is open source. We use parts of LF Networking ONAP (Edge Multi Cluster Orchestrator or EMCO and Controller Design Studio or CDS) along with CNCF projects (Istio, FluentD, Prometheus, Jaeger, Keycloak, Kubernetes Operators and Custom Resources). The benefits of open source over proprietary software are:

  • Often a reference implementation for standards

  • Higher probability of meeting customer requirements

  • Assured interoperability with NFVI and CNFs/CNAs

  • Open source communities innovate faster

  • The availability of source code assures no vendor lock in

  • Transparency and security of open source is higher

Please note that the AarnaStream value add components (network slicing, SON, analytics) will be proprietary


AMCOP is standards compliant

To work with a variety of NFVI implementations, CNFs, CNAs, and public network NFVO systems, AMCOP needs to be standards compliant. We track and adhere to standards from ETSI NFV, ETSI MEC, ETSI ZSM, 3GPP, TM Forum, MEF, and others. 


AMCOP requires 16 vCPUs and 32G memory making it a very light management solution suitable for B2B environments.

Easy to Use

AMCOP offers easy-to-use GUI and APIs, so that non-developers can use the platform without having to know programming.

CI/CD Methodology

We use an agile methodology with customer releases every 8 weeks to ensure there is as little lag in offering the latest innovation as possible.

AMCOP Support Options

AMCOP comes with two levels of support - Premium for production environments and Basic for dev/test. Deploy AMCOP with confidence; with us you have a team to back you up. Free trial users can join our Slack channel to ask questions.



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