ONAP Services

ONAP Professional Services

ONAP Services for End-Users

 If you are a teleco, cable operator, enterprise, or cloud provider that plans to use ONAP, we offer the following services to you:

ONAP Deployment

Multi-node ONAP deployment

Cloud Native 5G Blueprint Deployment

We are part of OPNFV Cloud Native 5G Network demo. We can deploy the blueprint in your lab. 

xNAF Onboarding

VNF, PNF, or CNF onboarding on ONAP

E2E Use Case Implementation 

Service, workflow, directed graph, policy, analytics microservices, dashboards, control loop etc. design

ONAP Services for xNF Vendors

ONAP Deployment

Multi-node ONAP Deployment

5G Network Slicing

If you have a 5GC or 5G vRAN with an external NSSMF, we can integrate ONAP for end-to-end network slicing.

xNF Packaging

VNF, PNF, or CNF packaging for ONAP.

sVNFM/EMS Integration

If you have your own sVNFM or EMS system; or a domain orchestrator for that matter, we can help integrate it with ONAP.



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