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While we cannot disclose names, here are short descriptions of our customer engagements

EMEA Telco

5GNC VNF onboarding & config

N. American Telco

PNF management

EMEA Telco

Enterprise connectivity


N. American Telco

Edge/ SD-WAN

ONAP Tooling Vendor

Northbound API project to exercise all aspects of ONAP

EMA Telco

ONAP Training

5G VNF/SDN Vendor


onboarding interop

LTE/5G VNF Vendor

ONAP VNF Onboarding

N. American Telco

ONAP Training

Aarna Network ONAP Distribution Use Cases

Mobile Network Operator


Neutral Host 5G/Edge

Enterprise Private


5G and edge computing will require network function and cloud native application management to a scale not previously seen. ONAP is ideally suited for this use case. ONAP can orchestrate, manage, monitor, and automate any application on the edge whether it be network functions, IoT, AI/ML, or arbitrary cloud native application. 

Neutral hosts will need to orchestrate RAN sites and offer them to multiple mobile (virtual) network operators. ONAP is perfect when it comes to orchestrating, managing, and automating these services. The ONAP community is collaborating actively with 3GPP on network slicing and with the O-RAN alliance on O-RAN software integration. For these reasons, there is no better choice than ONAP.

Private 5G and edge computing could potentially grow much faster than other use cases in the next few years. By using a subset of ONAP, enterprises can use a lightweight piece of software to not just provide zero-touch automation of 5G, but also LTE, IoT frameworks, edge analytics (AI/ML), and cloud native applications. 



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