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Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution (ANOD) 3.0

The Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution (ANOD) provides 100% pure play open source ONAP with the following user benefits:

  • ANOD provides ONAP users with basic and premium support. Instead of relying on community email lists, you can now be confident that a team is supporting you.

  • The ONAP Operations Manager (OOM) software enables1 click installation of ONAP via a simple to use GUI. Shave off installation time from 4 weeks to 4 hours.

  • Use ONAP effectively with AarnaStream™ software artifacts and apps that run on the ANOD platform. These include SO Workflows, APP-C/SDN-C Directed Graphs, Policies, Dashboards, and DCAE collectors, analytics, and microservices.

Support Offering

ANOD comes with two levels of support—Basic for dev/test and Premium for production environments:

*For the base platform, the following ONAP components are offered under premium subscription: SO, APP-C, SDN-C, DMaaP, A&AI, DCAE, Policy, and Northbound APIs. 

The support SLAs are as follows:

Severity Definitions are as follows:

  • Severity 1 – Critical Impact. The Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution is down and non- functional or there is a critical impact to End-User’s business operations due to the problem and no procedural workaround exists. Aarna will commit dedicated resources to work around the clock until the Software is up and functional or the business operations impact is mitigated.

  • Severity 2 – High Impact. A Severity 2 Issue occurs when there is a sporadic Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution outage or a problem that is consistently encountered with significant impact to functionality.

  • Severity 3 – Medium Impact. A Severity 3 Issue occurs when there is a problem that affects the functionality or features of Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution environment but there is no impact to critical functionality.

  • Severity 4 – Low Impact. A Severity 4 Issue occurs when there is a problem that leads to minor loss of functionality or where affects the functionality of a particular feature of the Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution Software.  Severity 4 Issues may also include information requests, feature requests and cosmetic fixes.

Aarna OOM

The Aarna ONAP Operations Manager (A-OOM) is an enhanced version of the community OOM. Specifically, in ANOD, A-OOM provides an easy to install and manage ONAP. A-OOM utilizes model driven installation with a GUI and Ansible automation scripts. Using models, a user can specify the subset of ONAP projects required, the reference architecture, and the initial configuration. The ANOD installer takes these models and with a push of a button you can get a reliable, consistent deployment of ONAP every time. Furthermore, ANOD includes an offline installation mode, so users with restricted internet environments can still install ONAP.

AarnaStream™ Artifacts and Apps


To enable users to fully utilize the power of ONAP, we provide supported versions of artifacts and apps that run on ONAP. A separate support subscription, from the platform components, is required for AarnaStream.