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ONAP Training & Custom Engineering

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Private Onsite Training

Add 1 day PNF class....................$900/person

Add 1/2 day ONAP API class.......$450/person

Add 1/2 day SO workflow class....$450/person

See also online Linux Foundation ONAP courses designed by Aarna Networks

Public Training

Raleigh, NC. February 3-7, 2020

ONAP500 5-day ONAP Bootcamp Training

San Francisco, CA. February 10-14, 2020

ONAP300 5-day ONAP COP Training

If you are in another city, please let us know. If we get sufficient interest in your city, we will schedule a public training.

Custom Engineering Services

Custom engineering services provided around ANOD:

ONAP VNF Onboarding

VNF onboarding for vendor includes VNF packaging, VNFM/EMS integration, Heat/TOSCA models, YANG model, VES collector, CI/CD interface, demo

ONAP Network Service Design

VNF onboarding (for CSPs), network service, closed control-loop automation, CDS design using ONAP design tools

ONAP Deployment Services

ONAP deployment and configuration. Includes interfacing with OpenStack cloud, OSS/BSS interfaces, custom portal applications