Private 5G at IEEE Future Networks

I was asked to speak at the recent IEEE Future Networks World Forum 2023 event, Nov 13 -15 in Baltimore, MD and hosted virtually on the topic of “Full Stack Automation in 5G & Beyond”. I‘d like to thank IEEE for their invitation and congratulate them on hosting another successful conference. 

My talk was focused on orchestrating and automating Private 5G networks built on a foundation of open source projects. Private 5G is a core solution area for Aarna Networks and we've been building the underly architecture and orchestration and management elements for several years. Because no one vendor can do it all, we've been building partnerships across the open networking stack and ensuring that our assets are built on open source, integrated through APIs, and ready to deploy in production environments.

This blog represents a brief recap of my talk; you can also view the slides here

Understanding Private 5G Networks

Private 5G represents a significant step forward in wireless technology, tailored specifically for business needs. Unlike public networks, it offers enhanced control, superior security, and the ability to be customized. Its strengths lie in its low latency, high bandwidth, and capacity to support numerous devices, making it well-suited for applications with demanding network requirements. Private 5G is a tool for businesses to elevate their operational capabilities, particularly in areas of data management and communication.

Private 5G Architecture using an AMCOP Orchestrator

Key Requirements for Private 5G Success

In order for Private 5G to achieve mass adoption, I believe it requires 3 things:

  • Zero Touch: Private 5G needs to be extremely easy to use
  • Cost Effective: Over time, private 5G needs to be in the <$0.50/sq. ft. CAPEX and <$0.20/sq. ft. OPEX range
  • Application Centric: Instead of network connectivity, Private 5G’s role is connectivity to edge apps

Open Source

We’ve found that many of the components required to build Private 5G Networks can be found in open source communities. Here is a sample of the communities we work with:

  • Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) Nephio with OpenTofu and Ansible for orchestration
  • CNCF style monitoring (logs, metrics, alarms, tracing etc.)
  • Kafka & CNCF OPA for closed loop automation
  • LF AI&Data Janusgraph for inventory

Private 5G Orchestration

Private 5G is not without its challenges. Orchestrating various components like RAN, 5G core, and edge applications requires a comprehensive management strategy. Balancing performance with cost, and integrating multiple technologies into a unified system, are also key concerns. To address these challenges, Aarna Networks offers AMCOP and AES.

AMCOP simplifies the orchestration of 5G network components and enhances lifecycle management and automation, aligning with the need for simplicity and reduced manual input. AES, a streamlined SaaS platform, reduces operational complexities and integrates with public cloud services, contributing to cost-effectiveness and supporting an application-focused approach. Together, AMCOP and AES offer robust solutions to make Private 5G networks manageable and financially viable.

Get In Touch

Are you experiencing challenges pulling together a Private 5G Network? Aarna Networks expert team is here to help. Request a free consultation to discuss how to create value with Private 5G for your specific requirements and use cases or request a Free Trial of AMCOP today.

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