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Zero Touch Cloud Native 5G
and Edge Computing for 
B2B Use Cases

Speed up rollouts, slash OPEX, and improve customer satisfaction for B2B
5G + edge computing




5GC Management


MEC Management

E2E 5G Network Slicing

E2E 5G Network Slicing

PNF Management

PNF Management

AMCOP is ideal for the above use cases. It enables orchestration, lifecycle management, and automation for each of these use cases.

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View a short video about the value of AMCOP in the area of 5G network service and edge computing application management

Amar Kapadia, co-founder at Aarna networks, explains the value of AMCOP.

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Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP)

Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP)
Vendor Neutral logo

Vendor Neutral

AMCOP interoperates with the best-in-class CNFs, CNAs, K8s vendors to help you realize a fully disaggregated solution

Cloud Native logo

Cloud Native

AMCOP natively embraces the CNCF ecosystem; it is not simply a legacy solution with K8s APIs

Comprehensive 5G Support logo

Comprehensive 5G Support

AMCOP supports 5G RAN/O-RAN, 5GC orchestration, CM/PM/FM, network slicing, analytics, SON, and more

Lightweight logo


AMCOP is lightweight—it needs only 16 vCPUs and 32GB memory to try; it is also easy to use and based on a CI/CD methodology

Open Source logo

Open Source

AMCOP uses select projects from Intel OpenNESS, LF Networking ONAP, and CNCF projects to ensure no vendor lock in

Standards Aligned logo

Standards Aligned

AMCOP is standards aligned to simply CNF onboarding, orchestration, management and peering with public network NFVO systems