Comprehensive O-RAN Stack Validation

A cloud-based, zero-touch service for testing and deployment

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The Comprehensive O-RAN Stack Validation solution integrates Rebaca Technologies’ ABot with Aarna Networks’ AMCOP O-RAN SMO to offer a testing and emulation environment for any O-RAN and 4G/5G network functions. Read the Solution Brief for more details. 

The Challenge

The O-RAN Alliance has enabled an ecosystem of disaggregated, multi-vendor RAN solutions, creating new opportunities for the industry. But in order to function as an effective marketplace, interoperability among various stakeholders is required. O-RAN testing involves pulling different components (SMO, RU, DU, CU, and RIC) from various sources. This activity is time-consuming and expensive and makes it challenging to validate interoperability. What’s more, users today need more ability to generate test cases and make them work in automated CI/CD multi-vendor O-cloud environments.

The Solution

In this complex testing environment, an automated, ready-made test suite that can comprehensively validate and benchmark functional, conformance, and performance use cases is a "must have." Comprehensive O-RAN Stack Validation allows users to customize a validation stack by mixing and matching components and quickly enables interoperability testing.
The O-RAN Alliance is a worldwide community of telcos, vendors, government, research, and academic organizations creating an open specification for the radio area network (RAN). The specification defines a component called Service Management and Orchestration or SMO that addresses the orchestration, management, and automation aspects of O-RAN.

Key Benefits

Vendor Neutral
Easy to Use
Highly Scalable
Save Money

Solution Contents

  • DU,CU, RIC simulators
  • Open source O-RAN SMO
  • RU simulator from O-RAN-SC
  • Open source Kubernetes O-Cloud
  • Comprehensive test suite for all the 3GPP and O-RAN interfaces
  • Automated analysis of test execution data and report generation
The Comprehensive O-RAN Stack Validation solution creates an opportunity to accelerate the process of automated O-RAN validation with test cases that scale rapidly. Test cases for standards-compliant interfaces like F1, E1, E2, and O1 are used to manage the rapidly growing test cases to reduce deployment cycles for operator deployments of O-RAN solutions. Users customize a validation stack by mixing and matching components and validating interoperability in a multi-vendor CI/CD environment. This process ensures 3GPP and O-RAN compliance and includes debugging test execution artifacts and analytics reports. 

Get Started

  • Get a free feasibility analysis
  • Procure the stack from Rebaca or Aarna
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Attend an initial onboarding workshop
  • Start your testing activities
  • Replace any component in the Validation Stack and continue testing
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