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Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) is an open source orchestration, lifecycle management, real-time policy, and closed loop automation platform for edge and 5G services. AMCOP solves complexity at the management layer – simplifying edge infrastructure, network service, and application orchestration – and enabling previously unimagined new services, drastically slashing operational costs, and speeding time to market.
AMCOP is the industry leading orchestrator for the edge infrastructure, network services, and application layers.

Aarna does not provide a Kubernetes NFVI solution, 5G RAN or Core, O-RAN CU or DU, cloud native network functions (CNFs), or cloud native applications (CNAs). This allows us to remain completely vendor agnostic and is vital for building truly disaggregated solutions that slash capital expenditure costs and prevent vendor lock in. A partial list of supported cloud/edge environments include:
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The Problem

The explosion of scale at the edge means that existing management solutions are no longer sufficient.
10s of heterogeneous vendors


10,000s of edge locations


100s of apps/network services



Case Studies

AMCOP Architecture

AMCOP Schema

Open Source & Cloud Native

We deeply embrace open source software development by supporting, contributing to, and open source projects outputs in our commercial offerings. We leverage cloud native and DevOps methodologies along with CI/CD pipelines for rapid, iterative, testing and deployment. AMCOP works by interfacing with OSS/BSS (northbound) and orchestrating infrastructure and network services/applications across multiple heterogeneous Kubernetes (K8s) clusters (southbound). Foundations and projects we work with closely are:
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AMCOP Functionality

We use a CI/CD Methodology with customer releases every quarter to ensure access to the latest innovations. It’s 100% open source, cloud native, fully disaggregated, light-weight, and vendor agnostic.
AMCOP Task Sequence

Comprehensive 5G Support

AMCOP provides comprehensive 5G support, including Core, RAN, Network Slicing, and more.
  • 5G Core, 5G RAN Orchestration
  • O-RAN A1, O1, O2 interface support
  • REST, NETCONF / RESTCONF configuration management
  • CNF, VNF, and PNF support
  • Network Slicing
  • Analytics (Non-Real-Time RIC and NWDAF)
  • Support for sVNFM/EMS in addition to direct CNF/CNA interfaces


As defined by the O-RAN Alliance, Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) addresses the orchestration, management, and automation aspects of O-RAN and is critical for supporting and managing a disaggregated, multi-vendor RAN environment. But validation testing in today’s rapidly evolving network environments on-premise is exceedingly complex.

AMCOP contains a comprehensive O-RAN SMO – a cloud native application for orchestrating and managing O-RAN network functions – that allows network operators and vendors to manage multi-vendor RAN environments and choose best-of-breed network functions for validation and interoperability testing.
AMCOP O-RAN SMO is aligned with the Linux Foundation's O-RAN-SC project, giving confidence for O1 and A1 compliance. It is fully cloud native and can be deployed onto Kubernetes clusters. The SMO can be centralized or distributed at the RAN site and can work with CNF, VNFs, or EMSs. AMCOP O-RAN SMO can be deployed on a private cloud, and can be used to orchestrate other cloud native functions or MEC applications. It is lightweight and easy to deploy, manage, and use. Learn the advantages of an open source, vendor neutral SMO in this whitepaper.

Aarna Networks Support (SLA)

Aarna Networks collaborates with our customers to accomplish your goals, create business value, and help you find success. With AMCOP, we offer Premium or Basic Support depending on your particular needs or requirements. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Support Included

  • Support hours 24 hours x 7 days OR 8 hours x 5 days
  • Committed Service Level Agreement (SLA) — see below
  • Number of operational support incidents — see below
  • Maintenance support included (access to new versions of software)
  • Designated support engineer
  • Community advocacy
  • Knowledge base
  • Technical bulletins

Premium Support (24x7)

Severity Level
Initial Response
Ongoing Updates
Severity 1
1 hour
Every 4 hours
Severity 2
2 hour
Every business day
Severity 3
Every business day
Every 3 business days
Severity 4
24  hours

Basic Support (8x5)

Severity Level
Initial Response
Ongoing Updates
Severity 1
4 business hours
Every 8 business hours
Severity 2
8 business hours
Every business day
Severity 3
2 business days
Every 3 business days
Severity 4
1 business week

Severity Definitions

Severity 1 – Critical Impact

Underlying open source project(s) is down and non- functional or there is a critical impact to End-User’s business operations due to the problem and no procedural workaround exists.

Severity 2 – High Impact

A Severity 2 Issue occurs when there is a sporadic underlying open source project(s) outage or a problem that is consistently encountered with significant impact to functionality.

Severity 3 – Medium Impact

A Severity 3 Issue occurs when there is a problem that affects the functionality or features of the underlying open source project(s) environment but there is no impact to critical functionality.

Severity 4 – Low Impact

A Severity 4 Issue occurs when there is a problem that leads to minor loss of functionality or where it affects the functionality of a particular feature of the underlying open source project(s). Severity 4 Issues may also include information requests, feature requests and cosmetic fixes.

There is no limit on the number of the tickets as long as the requests are reasonable.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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