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EMCO: Infrastructure as code
Case studies
EMCO: Infrastructure as code
Equinix taps infrastructure as code module from EMCO to simplify orchestration for customers

Equinix saw growing customer demand for hybrid MEC with edge applications requiring services in one or more domains. Leveraging the EMCO project and working with Aarna Networks, Equinix allowed customers to see and enable infrastructure uniformly across domains, then deploy applications on top of it in just a few clicks. 

With EMCO, because it’s multi-domain, Equinix can expand their capabilities to reach past the front door into the cloud for configuration and application. They can reduce complexity by using EMCO to make orchestration easier for their customers, thereby increasing consumption. 

“The big lesson for me is that we can now think of composing and orchestrating physical infrastructure as if it were software. Infrastructure- as-code is becoming the most popular way of configuring resources. EMCO helps us make it look as though it’s driven by intelligent workflow, all the way up to intent-based infrastructure enablement.” – Oleg Berzin, Equinix 

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