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Edge Multicloud Networking

Leverage cloud resources at the network edge by seamlessly integrating Edge compute with Edge Mutlicloud Networking for performance, scalability, and value-added services with Aarna Edge Services (AES) — the number one zero-touch orchestrator delivered as a service.

What is Edge Multicloud Networking?

Enterprises today are increasingly running business critical workloads in multiple locations – from a company’s own data centers to edge locations, private clouds, and public clouds. In fact, almost nine out of ten IT environments today include a mix of public and private clouds. These customers require dedicated connectivity to each of their clouds that needs to be provided on demand, and in a self-service manner. However, the sheer number of heterogeneous infrastructure vendor platforms in the market today multiplied by the rapidly growing number of edge device locations creates management complexity. Traditional networking models cannot scale to meet this demand.

Edge multicloud networking leverages distributed computing and cloud resources at the network edge. By seamlessly integrating edge compute services with multiple cloud environments and intelligent networking technologies, enterprises are empowered to optimize network performance, improve scalability, and deliver value-added services to their customers. 

Streamlined Workloads at the Enterprise Edge

Enterprises seeking to take advantage of edge computing by running business critical workloads in the optimal location need the flexibility of orchestrating multiple locations with multiple clouds. With Aarna Edge Services (AES), the number one zero-touch edge multicloud orchestrator delivered as a service, Aarna Networks is leveraging edge multicloud to transform networks at the digital edge.

Edge Native

In edge computing environments, compute, connectivity, storage, and power are all constrained, necessitating new approaches and a new set of edge native principles to develop for these environments. Aarna Networks has been a leader in the CNCF IOT Edge Working Group to explore what it means to be edge native, the similarities and differences between “cloud native” and “edge native”, and has published an Edge Native Application Principals Whitepaper for the industry to interpret, apply, and iterate upon. Stay tuned for more on industry leading thought leadership in this growing area and for more practical resources for developers writing applications for the edge.

Edge Orchestration

Edge Orchestration encompasses infrastructure orchestration, network service, application orchestration, lifecycle management, and closed loop automation into one system for orchestrating a wide variety of workloads and use cases. The orchestrator controls network resources at the edge in real time, automating the provisioning of services and making intelligent networking decisions for applications, streamlining application locations, and automating tasks to achieve seamless workloads across a network. Cloud native, Kubernetes-based automation and orchestration are driving digital transformation at the enterprise edge today. An important component of edge orchestration is automating edge multicloud networking.

Creating heterogeneous environments manually that require compute, storage, networking, and Kubernetes can take weeks or months


But in the journey towards digital transformation, enterprises can struggle with automation of compute resources and network services. To achieve high performance and true end-to-end automation, network services must be consumed at the same speed and scale as compute and other cloud resources. This challenge can be addressed by a cloud-native disaggregated “Network-as-a-Service” (NaaS) solution, deployed on-premises, on a hybrid-cloud, and/or on multi-cloud that supports Enterprise workloads that can shift between multi-cloud, edge, and data center environments. Aarna Networks is collaborating closely in the open source community to help define and actualize the NaaS approach to future deployments.

Open Source

The PCEI Blueprint from the Linux Foundation consists of open APIs, orchestration functionalities, and edge capabilities. Aarna Networks and Equinix took home first prize at the 2022 ETSI & LF Edge MEC Hackathon at Edge Computing World for their open source contributions. Learn more in this Case Study: “How to Build Edge Solutions with LF Edge Akraino blueprints & ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) APIs”. Aarna Edge Services (AES) is built on open source and is the commercialized version of the PCEI Blueprint.

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Edge Multicloud Orchestration

Aarna Edge Services (AES) is a zero-touch SaaS platform for designing, orchestrating, monitoring, and managing infrastructure, network services, and applications at the cloud edge with public cloud services. AES empowers users with ongoing lifecycle management, ongoing optimization, and service assurance and solves the complexity of edge orchestration while supporting multi-cloud use cases across the edge and public clouds — all with user-friendly management from a single pane of glass.

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