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Single Pane of Glass for Private 5G Network Orchestration
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Single Pane of Glass for Private 5G Network Orchestration
Japanese customer chooses Aarna Networks, CapGemini, and the 5G Super Blueprint

CapGemini Engineering was approached by a large customer in Japan who needed a RAN and Core for a new Private 5G Network with an IoT and Mobile 5G Broadband use case. Adding to the complexity of 5G Network Functions was the need to follow evolving ETSI 3GPP and O-RAN specifications.

Aarna Networks and CapGemini Engineering have been a key contributor to Linux Foundation Networking’s 5G Super Blueprint. Per the specifications of O-RAN Alliance around the O1 interface, Aarna Networks used its open source project AMCOP, for orchestration, lifecycle management, and real-time policy driven closed loop automation and AMCOP O-RAN SMO for 5G Core management.

AMCOP was integrated with Capgemini’s OAM UI to provide a single pane of glass for the entire network in two 2 tabs – one from CapGemini for 5GC configuration, and the other from Aarna for 5GC orchestration/LCM, RAN orchestration/ LCM/ configuration.

The enterprise network operator is now empowered to create an infrastructure, deploy network functions, and configure them at a single click.

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