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E2E Network Services Automation
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E2E Network Services Automation
Tigo Guatemala and Aarna Networks leverage an open source cloud-based solution to automate E2E Services discovery and testing.

Tigo is a major mobile service provider company in Latin America servicing many countries in the region. TIGO Guatemala started working with Aarna in 2020, initially requesting installation and training for the ONAP project platform to help automate their physical network functions.

Specifically, Tigo wanted to automate the discovery and testing of end-to-end services for customers using their MPLS network. With the help of Aarna Networks, Tigo developed a cloud-based solution utilizing key ONAP components deployed onto a Kubernetes cluster, successfully implementing discovery of various MPLS network relationships such as LLDP, MAC, ARP, and LSP. Tigo has also used ONAP to implement ping, Traceroute, and Route table tests on the network for a particular subscriber.

Tigo’s automation means that ONAP can now configure 10-12 different models of devices and provide a centralized platform to manage Tigo’s network inventory. It also improves a key performance metric: The Mean Time To Response (MTTR) after an incident. Tigo Guatemala is moving forward with QA towards production and sharing their learnings with other Tigo subsidiaries.

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