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CI/CD Test Automation Framework
Case studies
CI/CD Test Automation Framework
A Keysight and Aarna Networks integration automates workflows, creates efficiencies, and enables CI/CD

Keysight Technologies’ LoadCore solution simulates mobile subscribers and generates traffic under real network conditions for systems testing and analysis. When dealing with dynamic virtualized infrastructure, making sure the test tool and the automation framework can be modified on the fly becomes paramount. Deploying the VMs or containers on-demand via the NF (Network Function) orchestrator, making sure configuration is updated on the fly and allowing both vertical and horizontal scaling provides customers required efficiency and cost savings. Being able to orchestrate both real and simulated 5G NFs, the integrated solution represents the solid foundation needed for implementing digital twins.

Identifying this as an area ripe for zero-touch workflow automation, the team integrated LoadCore with AMCOP, included a test automation and execution framework (southbound of LoadCore) with a library of test cases and results analysis for systems under test (AMF, SMF, UPF, etc ). A Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) approach was taken to introduce dynamic monitoring and ongoing automation. Now, test cases that fail can be automatically decommissioned thus simplifying test analysis, avoiding manual configuration steps, and reducing OPEX by conserving server resources and staff time.

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