An Open Source O-RAN SMO solution

Industry's first open source O-RAN SMO


O-RAN Service Management and Orchestration

We use a CI/CD Methodology with customer releases every quarter to ensure access to the latest innovations. It’s 100% open source, cloud native, fully disaggregated, light-weight, and vendor agnostic.
What is O-RAN SMO?
The O-RAN Alliance is a worldwide community of telcos, vendors, government, research, and academic organizations creating an open specification for the radio area network (RAN). The specification defines a component called Service Management and Orchestration or SMO that addresses the orchestration, management, and automation aspects of O-RAN.
Why is O-RAN SMO Important?
Amongst the O-RAN components, the SMO is most critical for supporting and managing a multi-vendor RAN environment. With the right SMO, you can choose the best-of-breed network function (RU, CU, DU, and NearRT RIC) providers, offering a technically superior solution while simultaneously reducing costs.
The Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) is an ideal O-RAN SMO solution as it's:
Vendor Agnostic
Open Source
Cloud Native
Easy to Use
Schema of O-RAN SMO Architecture v04.00Schema of O-RAN SMO Architecture v04.00
O-RAN SMO Architecture v04.00

AMCOP Customers

Tier 1 Industrial Automation Company
Use case is Private 5G for Industry 4.0;
uses Aarna for managing RAN, 5G Core, radio,
and switches.
Tier 1 Telco
Uses AMCOP as an O-RAN SMO to establish
interop with cloud native RU, DU, CU vendors.
Tier 1 Telco
Uses AMCOP open source components as an O-RAN SMO for configuration management, fault management and performance management
of O-RAN network functions.

A Truly Vendor Agnostic Solution

Many users procure O-RAN SMO and RAN network functions from the same vendor. However, choosing O-RAN SMO from an alternate vendor provides independence and flexibility. At Aarna, we use an open source SMO that avoids vendor lock-in.

Open Source. Cloud Native. Easy-to-Use

See Aarna's O-RAN-RC code contributions and participation.
Open Source
AMCOP is fully open source and aligned with
the Linux Foundation's O-RAN-SC project, giving confidence for O1 and A1 compliance. Other LF Networking projects provide orchestration and network slicing functionality.
Cloud Native
AMCOP is fully cloud native and can be
deployed onto Kubernetes clusters. AMCOP
can be centralized or distributed at the RAN site. AMCOP can work with CNFs, VNFs, or EMSs as well.
Easy to Use
AMCOP is lightweight and easy to deploy, manage, and use. We offer both a GUI and APIs. The GUI includes a custom dashboard for O-RAN for configuration management, fault management,
and performance management.

AMCOP Usage Options

Depending on the state of your O-RAN journey, we have different options for you:
Open Source
​If you are not sure you want a commercial engagement with us, feel free to try our O-RAN SMO for free on-prem or on Azure cloud.
Interop Testing/Validation
Once you feel good about our O-RAN SMO, you can start validating your network functions. For this we offer a SaaS version of the AMCOP O-RAN SMO.
Production/On-Prem Testing
When you are ready to put our O-RAN SMO into production or if you want to do some testing on-prem, purchase the 8x5 or 247x support options.
Get On-Prem SMO POC
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