Nephio R2: K8s based Intent-Driven, E2E Multi-Vendor 5G RAN & Core Orchestration

Join us on March 27, Wednesday, at 11 AM EST to explore the advancements in telecom automation with 'Nephio R2: K8s based Intent-Driven Orchestration' in our upcoming webinar. Uncover the power of Kubernetes in multi-vendor 5G deployments and how Nephio R2 paves the way for innovative automation solutions

What you’ll learn:

A brief overview of the Kubernetes-based design principles underlying Nephio.
Detailed exploration of the new features and use cases introduced in the latest release.
Understanding the capabilities in R2 for production deployment.
Discussion on how Nephio R2 facilitates automation in diverse environments.
Guidelines on customizing and extending Nephio R2 for specific use cases and PoC activities.
 Vikas Kumar