Kubernetes Nephio Framework

  • Linux Foundation Project

  • Open Sourced by Google

  • Edge→cloud infra orchestration & management

  • Network service orchestration & management

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About Nephio

Nephio is a Linux Foundation project seeded by Google with the goal of delivering carrier-grade, simple, open, Kubernetes-based cloud native intent automation and common automation templates. These simplify the deployment and management of multi-vendor cloud infrastructure and network functions across large scale edge deployments.

Aarna Networks is a leading participant and contributor to Nephio and is leveraging this powerful tool for orchestrating edge computing in multi-vendor environments — including infrastructure, 5G, network services, and edge computing applications. 

What is the Nephio Kubernetes Framework?

‍Nephio is an open source Linux Foundation project seeded by Google with the goal of delivering simple, open, Kubernetes-based cloud native intent automation and common automation templates to simplify the deployment and management of multi-vendor edge→cloud infrastructure and network services across large scale edge deployments.

Kubernetes has been tremendously successful for container orchestration. It can be extended to orchestrate and manage infrastructure and network services, but certain gaps need to be filled. These gaps have been filled by the Nephio Kubernetes framework.
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The Nephio community has articulated two initial use cases and we are adding a third:

Edge infrastructure orchestration

Nephio uses the term deployment instead of orchestration) and management

CNF orchestration & management

VNFs can be supported as well through a Kubernetes technology called Kubevirt

Edge computing application orchestration and management

under development
“By automating cloud infrastructure, network functions, and potentially edge applications together, Nephio is transforming network service delivery. In addition to integrating Nephio in our core products, we are also offering commercial support for upstream R1 for the ecosystem to immediately take advantage of the Nephio opportunity." - Amar Kapadia, CEO & Co-Founder, Aarna Networks

Nephio Configuration Layers

Nephio Configuration Layers

Aarna Nephio Support 1.0 (ANS)

Aarna Networks is leveraging our deep experience with Nephio to offer a commercial support package for upstream Nephio R1 – Aarna Nephio Support 1.0 (ANS). ANS makes it easy to get started with a comprehensive support to help you deploy, configure, and manage Nephio.

  • Automating upstream R1 installation on bare metal server(s), GCE, or other cloud provider
  • Bringing up and configuring K8s clusters
  • 8x5 or 24x7 operational and maintenance support
  • Developing controllers as needed 
  • Using Nephio to deploy Free5GCore, infrastructure, or other network services

We also believe that Nephio is perfect for the Open RAN networks and the O-RAN SMO as Nephio can manage O1 (Configuration Management), O2 FOCOM (Federated O-Cloud Orchestration and Management), and O2 NFO (Network Function Orchestration). To see our Aarna’s leadership in this area, please see this recent presentation to the Linux Foundation Networking community.

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