Nextgen VIM Scheduler: a New OPNFV Project Proposal

A bunch of us made a new project proposal: Nextgen VIM Scheduler (NGVS). I know the name is boring, but hey it's descriptive!

The current scheduler (OpenStack Nova) works very well, but we anticipate a number of new requirements: 1) Ability to schedule VMs, containers and unikernels - possibly in the same service function chain 2) Need to use new scheduling techniques like serverless in addition to static. 3) Support for highly distributed NFV clusters.

We believe all three requirements are unique to NFV, and therefore are unlikely to be driven by enterprise-centric communities. Therefore, this effort is a logical fit for OPNFV. We are proposing this project to make sure the scheduler, arguably one of the most important elements of the VIM, keeps up with these needs.

Do you have feedback or would like to join (we hope you can join so we can fill up this empty table below)? We'd love to hear from you (on the wiki page, OPNFV TC mailing list, or direct email to one of the proposed committers).

Project posted here

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