Free "Understanding OPNFV" Book

Have you been staying up at night wondering what the Open Platform for NFV  or OPNFV is? Or why you should care about it and what's in it for you? This short book (144 pages) will explain OPNFV and its benefits in an easy to understand language. You will also get a sense of the broader NFV transformation and why it's more than just technology. You will learn about the various upstream projects integrated in OPNFV and how OPNFV contributes back to these projects. Next, you will get exposed to the sophisticated CI pipeline built by the OPNFV community. And get an in-depth view into OPNFV deployment and testing projects. Finally, get a brief overview of how to write and onboard VNFs for OPNFV.

If you are a technical or business leader at a telecom operator or enterprise, looking to accelerate your NFV journey, this book is perfect for you. Technology providers aka vendors will gain the information they need to help position their products in the OPNFV ecosystem. Finally individuals looking to make a career change into the rapidly growing NFV space will get a great understanding of OPNFV.

Sign up for your free eBook copy here. The book is written by my good friend Nick Chase and me. Once you read it, I'd love to hear your feedback!

If you'd like a physical book instead, stop by the Mirantis booth at the OpenStack Boston summit or get one at the OPNFV Beijing summit. Or of course you can get a copy on Amazon in a month or two as well (but this will not be free).

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