Verizon tips the scale for ONAP

Verizon joined ONAP as a platinum member today. This is actually a very big deal. This means that the two of the largest US and two of the largest Chinese communications service providers (CSPs) back ONAP (along with the leading operators from France, UK, India, Turkey and Canada). In the case of AT&T and Verizon, these are two traditional competitors putting their collective wood behind the ONAP arrow.

The diversity, vibrancy and will of a community generally ensures the success of an open source project. Seems like we have all of those ingredients with ONAP.

I have no doubt ONAP will be the default SDN/NFV automation engine. It will also be the default MEC management and orchestration engine. If you are a CSP or a telecommunications vendor, you can't hold off looking at ONAP any more.

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