Invitation to Join End-to-End VNF Onboarding Project on Intel DevMesh

In a prior blog titled "OPNFV Yardstick NSB: The Prequel to VNF Onboarding" Sriram explained how and end-to-end VNF onboarding flow requires VNF validation, characterization and certification; and how OPNFV YardStick NSB can help with this effort.

To make this abstract concept a little more real, we have started an Intel DevMesh project titled "End-to-end VNF onboarding". In this project, we are using an L2 forwarding VNF from the OPNFV SampleVNF project. We will first show how to validate the VNF by using Yardstick NSB. Then we will onboard that same VNF onto ONAP, create a simple network service and then deploy the network service on OpenStack.

If you'd like to join us on this project, we welcome your participation. More details on the project and how to join available here.

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