To Onboard or Not to Onboard: ONAP Presents a Dilemma for VNF Vendors

When it comes to NFV/SDN management, orchestration, and automation, ONAP is clearly a leading open source project. The number of operators behind ONAP represent more than 60% world-wide mobile subscribers. Needless to say, ONAP has a high likelihood of success and that should serve as a motivator for VNF (and PNF) vendors to onboard their products onto ONAP. On the other hand, ONAP is in very early stages of production deployment, and that might cause business decision makers to question the urgency.

Additionally, VNF vendors are hearing about ONAP nuances such as Heat vs. TOSCA VNF descriptors, sVNFM vs. gVNFM, ETSI compliance vs. non-ETSI compliance further creating confusion in their minds.

To aid in cutting through this confusion and help VNF vendors craft an ONAP strategy, we have a new "VNF onboarding for ONAP" white paper. The document is meant mostly for business decision makers. Check it out, let us know what you think.

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