Aarna Networks Joins Linux Foundation Networking as a Silver Member

We are now proud official silver member of Linux Foundation Networking (see LF press release). Given our ONAP involvement — as a ONAP distro provider along with training and custom engineering, this membership will allow us to engage more deeply with other contributors and the Linux Foundation.

Right Across the Linux Foundation HQ in San Francisco

Our highest priority is to further the use case of ONAP orchestrating multi-access edge computing (MEC) applications, something that is already in motion through China Mobile, Intel, and Huawei efforts. A solid support for MEC applications will allow ONAP to branch out to enterprises, which we feel is very important to bring in new potential end users.

Additionally, we are already starting to contribute to APP-C/SDN-C. In the next few months, we will start contributing to additional projects as well.

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