Aarna Networks at ONE Summit, 15-18 Nov, 2022, Seattle, WA

Linux Foundation Networking presented the One Summit 2022, in Seattle, WA, from November 15-16. The focus of the event was wireless networking and network automation advancements leveraging best-of-breed 5G network edge, and cloud native solutions. Aarna Networks leverages multiple open source projects from LF Networking (LFN) including ONAP, EMCO, and more. 

Program Highlights: The Slicing Must Go On: Leveraging Open Source to Securely Implement E2E Infrastructure, Slicing and Orchestration. Amar Kapadia of Aarna Networks and Hitendra Sonny Soni of Kaloom. In this presentation, they discussed the advantages of open source network slicing for helping deploy 5G connectivity and service tailoring without suffering the prohibitive financial strain of 5G integration and operation. Get the slides.

Amar Kapadia and Hitendra Sonny Soni

Keynote Highlights: Aarna/LFN Case Studies with Capgemini Engineering (5G Networking Orchestration), Equinix (Infrastructure as code), and Tigo Guatemala (E2E Network Services Orchestration) were featured in the opening keynote. Get the case studies. Aarna’s participation and leadership around orchestration was highlighted in the keynote 5G Super Blueprint: E2E Architecture for the Future of Network Services. Get the presentation slides. Learn more in this Case Study with Capgemini Engineering: https://lnkd.in/dmrwNzwg.

5G Super Blueprint participating organizations

Nephio Developer Summit: Amar and Brandon enjoyed spending an afternoon with this exciting and growing community. Learn more about the Summit. Get the Nephio Executive Brief

Discussing Nephio Release 1

LFN Developer & Testing Summit: Amar gave two presentations in the ONAP track: ONAP in Production: Observability using EFK & Prometheus. Get the Slides and Video. ONAP In Production: Performance and HA considerations. Get the Slides and Video.

5G Open Operability Lab: A visit to the 5G Open Operability Lab in Bellevue was the perfect way to end the week. We look forward to future collaborations.

Scott Waller, Amar Kapadia, Jim Brisimitzis, Brandon Wick
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