Aarna Networks at the Nephio R2 Summit

From October 9-11, Google played host to the Nephio R2 Technical Summit 2023 in Mountain View, CA. Following the successful R1 Summit, there was considerable anticipation for this event, and Aarna Networks was proud to participate. 

The summit offered attendees a chance to reflect on R1's milestones while also introducing the goals of R2 (especially in O-RAN). A notable topic of discussion was Nephio's growing role in infrastructure management and its potential broader application for enterprise. Another point of interest was the collaboration between Nephio and GenAI, orchestration of ML using Nephio, and also using GenAI to make Nephio easier to use.

Sandeep Sharma, Nephio TSC Member, gave a talk "Bare-metal Provisioning with Nephio," where he covered Nephio enhancements for bare-metal provisioning and insights for optimizing infrastructure orchestration. Get the slides here.

Amar Kapadia, Aarna Network's Co-Founder and CEO, led an exploratory session on the possibilities for Nephio in enterprise use cases such as LLM Orchestration, Security Orchestration (AccuKnox), Process automation (Ubicity), and IoT (MicroShift/Portainer/K0s/K3s). Other potential areas of integration are with the OpenTofu and L3AF projects. Get the Slides here.

Leveraging our deep experience with Nephio, Aarna Networks recently announced a commercial Nephio support package, Aarna Nephio Support 1.0 (ANS). Now, to make it even easier for users to deploy, configure, and manage Nephio, Aarna Networks is offering a Nephio packaged version. Learn more in the blog post from Amar Kapadia

If you couldn't connect with us at the event, feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.

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