Aarna Networks Introduces 5G and MEC Tech Talk Video Series

5G and Edge Computing enable a wide range of use cases from Industry 4.0, healthcare, precision agriculture, to connected cars. These use cases demand low latency, reliability, mobility, low power, or high bandwidth along with a multi fold increase in the number of connected devices. And 5G is the ideal network to connect end-devices to edge computing applications that will enable these use cases.

However, 5G networks include a number of new innovations that the community may not be familiar with. While there is a ton of marketing material on these technologies, it is very difficult to find insightful technical material short of reading the standards. We at Aarna Networks have launched a series of Tech Talk Videos, in which our subject matter experts will explain these new 5G and edge computing terms in roughly 5 minutes.

We will cover topics like NWDAF, NonRTRIC, CSMF, NSMF, NSSMF, O-RAN SMO, O-RAN interfaces, MEC orchestration, traffic steering, local breakout and many more. We will ask relevant questions on each topic and let our experts explain these topics in video interviews.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel along with the Tech Talk Playlist and stay up-to-date with the latest 5G and MEC terms.

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