Aarna Networks Leads Discussion on GenAI for CSPs

On October 19th, 2023, Aarna Networks hosted an enlightening webinar that brought forward the transformative potential of Generative AI (GenAI) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) We feel that the industry is now  poised to achieve significant breakthroughs in network insights, leading to both operational savings and the creation of innovative revenue streams.

The event's clarion call emphasized the pressing need for A key takeaway from the event was for CSPs to start exploring GenAI today and not wait for the perfect use case.. Echoing this sentiment was a recent statement from Bain & Company: “Speedy action trumps perfect planning here. It’s more important for telcos to quickly launch an initial set of generative AI applications that fit the company’s strategy, and do so in a responsible way—or risk missing a window of opportunity in this fast-evolving sector.” 

Participating in the webinar were Roy Chua of AvidThink, Vamshi Ambati representing PredEra, Srinivasa Addepalli from Aryaka, and Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks' own Co-Founder & CEO.

Here’s a sample of key questions addressed during the webinar:

Q: Will tier 1 telcos develop their own LLMs or adapt pre-trained models?

A: The inclination leans towards harnessing pre-trained models, refining them for specific enterprise needs.

Q: How do smaller companies compare against the industry titans in this sphere?

A: Smaller entities offer niche solutions, agility, and bespoke services, giving them a unique edge against the larger players.

Q: If everyone is leveraging standard LLMs, where lies the differentiation?

A: Distinctiveness emerges from model customization, varied applications, and the unique data inputs each company integrates.

Q: Does GenAI's capability extend beyond offline tasks to real-time enterprise edge applications?

A: While its prowess in offline tasks is evident, there's an increasing interest in GenAI's potential for real-time applications.

To delve into the insights shared during the session, watch the full webinar on Aarna Networks' YouTube Channel.

Getting Started

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