Aarna Networks Raises Funding for 5G/Edge Workload Orchestration and Automation

We are pleased to announce that Aarna Networks, a 5G/EdgeOps company, has raised financing via an angel round. The lead investor is Subba Reddy, a noted angel investor and technologist who also led seed rounds for i2Chain (cybersecurity) and Xaptum (IoT).

Free image courtesy Republica

This funding will let us 1) build our 5G/edge product, based on the Linux Foundation open source ONAP4K8s, that will orchestrate, manage, monitor, and automate cloud native 5G and edge computing workloads across multiple Kubernetes edge clouds, 2) complete a public 5G PoC, and 3) complete a private LTE/5G PoC. This round will also instill confidence within our customers and partners.

While the coronavirus is a global tragedy, it is going to provide 5G with a big boost as telemedicine and emergency response become hot topics. 5G with its high bandwidth, ultra-reliable low-latency, and IoT support promises to revolutionize healthcare through AR/VR, edge IoT analytics, faster communication, and even futuristic trends like remote surgery. Similarly, emergency response is expected to be revolutionized by 5G through accurate IoT data, analytics, drone control, AR/VR etc. And our Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution will help accelerate the move to 5G.

The three work streams listed above will help us get to the next milestone. I will summarize the goals and expected outcomes of these activities in subsequent blogs.

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