Announcing Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) 1.0

I am pleased to announce a new product—the Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) 1.0. A bit of background first: we've come to realize over the past several months that we'd be better off addressing a very specific use case as opposed to our prior strategy of going after the horizontal MANO (management and orchestration) market. That is exactly what we are doing with AMCOP. We are solving the cloud native, B2B, 5G network service + edge computing application orchestration, management, and automation problem. We support only the Kubernetes NFVI. And we focus on B2B applications e.g., Industry 4.0, healthcare, precision agriculture, and more.

By narrowing our focus, we are able to use just two ONAP projects—Edge Multi Cluster Orchestrator (EMCO) and the Controller Design Studio (CDS). This makes the solution very lightweight and easy-to-use. These two projects allow us to perform intent-based orchestration of 5G network services and composite edge computing applications and to manage their lifecycle. Policy-driven control loop automation, network slicing manager, Non-Real Time RIC (NRTRIC), Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)/ Management Data Analytics Function (MDAF), Self-Organizing Networks (SON), and more are on our roadmap and will come later this year and into early 2021.

See the AMCOP product page for more information. The product is open source (based on LF Networking and CNCF projects), so you can try it out for free as well.

Also, check out AMCOP demos at ONES next week:

  • AMCOP demo of Altran/Kaloom 5G Core orchestration on Red Hat OpenShift (keynote or booth)
  • AMCOP demo of Free5GC (5G Core) orchestration on K8s

Alternatively, check out the demos on our YouTube channel:

Finally check out two new white papers. They are purely educational and 100% product-free:

Interested in an AMCOP presentation and demo meeting? Let us know at and we can schedule it.

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