Announcing two new products: ANOD 4.0 and OVP-in-a-Box

Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution 4.0 and OVP-in-a-Box.

We announced two new products this week. The first is Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution (or ANOD) 4.0, a commercial distribution of the ONAP El Alto release. If you need more background on ONAP El Alto, view our slides from the "What's New in ONAP El Alto" webinar. In a nutshell, ONAP El Alto is a non-functional release with significant work done on security and stability. Our ONAP distribution provides three value-adds:

  • Aarna OOM, a value-add version of the community ONAP Operations Manager (OOM) includes automation via Ansible scripts and a simple GUI
  • Commercial support at two levels: 8x5 or 24x7
  • 100% pure play open source, so that you never have to worry about vendor lock in

Unlike previous releases, we waited to deploy ANOD 4.0 with real paying customers before making it generally available. All three initial customers are happy with the results so far. One of them is John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab that is doing research on 5G. More on that collaboration in a future blog. See the product page for more details.


We also announced another product called OVP-in-a-Box. This is a hosted (or a SaaS) version of ONAP meant to help xNF vendors establish interop with ONAP.

A bit of background first. The Linux Foundation has created an interop program called the OPNFV Verification Program or OVP that gives out badges to products that pass the program's compliance and validation tests. There are two versions of OVP — NFVI and VNF. Here we are talking about the VNF OVP program which is used to establish interop with ONAP.

The issue with OVP is that xNF (xNF signifies VNF, PNF, or CNF) vendors need to have a running instance of ONAP for OVP testing. We have found that many xNF vendors do not have the internal knowledge or skills to deploy ONAP, Moreover, even if they got deployment help from someone like us, they initially want to try out ONAP without actually installing it in-house. For these customers, our OVP-in-a-Box offering will reduce the friction of trying out ONAP by providing xNF vendors:

  • A running instance of ONAP on Google Cloud
  • Training and support for running OVP tests

If you are interested in getting a demo or trying out either of these products, feel free to contact us!

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