Automation, Private 5G, and more at ONUG Fall 2023

Aarna Networks has recently joined the ONUG Collaborative and took the opportunity to meet the community in-person in New York City, Oct 24-25 at the ONUG Fall 2023 event.

ONUG hosted a showcase of essential cloud solutions, covering connectivity, security, automation, and control; as well as highlighted the latest in Network as a Service (NaaS) and enterprise 5G solutions, exploring new approaches to these new marketing opportunities. We were please to learn that Stephen Collins, who shared the speaking stage with Brandon Wick last spring at the Big 5G Event in Austin, has come on as CTO of the ONUG Collaborative. Stephen brings decades of industry experience, a deep knowledge of tech and 5G, and an uncanny ability to bring people together to collaborate and get things done. Aarna Networks is excited to dig in and explore the Private 5G and Hyperautomation workstreams to produce thought leadership, market enablement, and technology projects to move industry forward.

Stephen Collins kicks off a Private 5Gpanel with Mike Fratto, 451 Research; Ahmed Moussa, Verizon; Marcus Burton, Cradlepoint; Anup Patel, Nokia; and Viswanath Kolur

Amar Kapadia and Brandon Wick were at the show and enjoyed conversations with our friends at Rysun Labs and 5G Open Innovation Labs, as well as initial conversations with large enterprise end users like Ernst & Young, FedEx, Citi, Cigna, and others. For us, it's imperative to get feedback on our positioning, offerings, and features from the enterprise end users themselves who leverage our technology to manage, orchestrate and automate their networks. We look forward to digging deeper with ONUG members and collaborating to overcome the challenges and pain points underlying digital transformation.

Brandon Wick, Scott Weller, and Amar Kapadia at ONUG Fall 2023

Aarna Networks is proud to be members of the 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OIL) and were in their first batch of startups. We're working with the 5G OIL on a new Private 5G initiative... stay tuned!

Lastly, we enjoyed a very insightful Keynote "Exploring Generative AI & Large Language Models: Maturity, Policy, and Enterprise Implementation" by Andy Brown, CEO, Sand Hill East, LLC; and Phil Tee, CEO of Moogsoft (recently acquired by Dell), exploring maturity models in AI & LLMs-Enterprise Implementation; and the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for Supporting and Protecting AI & LLMs within Enterprise. Some interesting takeaways were the ideas that every pre-2015 company is "disruptable" and that K->Phd educational journeys will be shortened by 10 years. Stay tuned for this exciting keynote and others to be posted on the ONUG YouTube channel.

Aarna Networks is diving into the world of GenAI for Enterprises with a packaged offering through a secure, private, tunable, fully managed Large Language Model (LLM). Learn more here.

For those companies active in ONUG who we did not have a chance to meet, please contact us and we would love to get acquainted.

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