Crossing Domains with Zero-touch Orchestration

It's not often when a proof of concept crosses domains between wired and wireless but that's exactly what Aarna Networks' recent integration with CableLabs does.When devices are registered inside the same 5G Core, we can apply a routing intelligence that crosses domains and provides a value added service to the user.

The demonstration illustrated below shows how a user with home internet and mobile service from the same operator can allocate bandwidth dynamically and automatically. Once the mobile device connects to the home Internet Wi-Fi access point and is detected to be also registered with the 5G Core, the CSML – built on the Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestration (EMCO) project and used in Aarna's AMCOP – pushes a higher-bandwidth DOCSIS service flow via the PCMM controller and CMTS to the user’s cable modem with a boost in cable bandwidth for that mobile device.

The user benefits from receiving the extra bandwidth automatically and the operator benefits from zero-touch provisioning that avoids any manual configuration.

This is just one example of the power of software defined networks and the orchestration of applications and services.

We invite you to read the case study and contact us with any questions and ideas for you network orchestration needs.

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