Fully Automated 5G Core Services Management and Orchestration: A Joint Amantya & Aarna Solution

Unlike 4G, which mainly focussed on the Telco space, 5G has a broader focus across numerous industry vertical use cases. The below figure shows the primary capabilities of 5G and the use cases around reliability, capacity, latency, and connectivity.

Figure 1: Benefits of 5G Core Orchestration (courtesy Amantya Technologies)

Another change with 5G is that we are moving to a completely software-driven infrastructure. This means that there is now a need for more nuanced control of the network infrastructure centered around automation. This is where intent-based orchestration of 5G Core with closed-loop automation comes into play.

Amantya and Aarna Joint Solution:

In our technical meetup last week, Amantya Technologies and Aarna Networks presented a joint 5G Core solution. The solution has two key components:

  • Amantya’s Cloud-Native 5G Core

  • The Aarna Networks Multi-Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP)

In this demo, AMCOP is installed on one Kubernetes cloud and the Kubernetes cloud for the Amantya 5GC is a separate one in a private cloud. AMCOP provides an easy-to-use intuitive end-to-end 5G service creation and management environment that abstracts the inherent complexity of the underlying network behind a layer of intuitive GUI-based workflows and automation interfaces.

Figure 2: Aarna's and Amantya's Joint 5G Core Orchestration Solution

Amantya’s solution is an integrated 5G and 4G core. Its implementation is completely cloud-native which makes the deployment of this core on public and private clouds very simple.

Key Features of Amantya’s 5G Integrated Core:

  • Multi-tech Integrated Core

  • Standard Deployment Models – ENDC + SA

  • Release 15 Complaint

  • Cloud-Native – COTS HW

  • High-Performance User Plane

  • Full Slicing Support

  • Node Discovery

  • IPv4 / IPv6 support

A high-level block diagram of Amantya's Integrated 5G Core is given below:

Figure 3: A high-level block diagram of AMANTYA's Integrated 5G Core

Key Features of AMCOP 2.0:

1) Integrates OpenNESS-EMCO and ONAP-CDS with a unified run-time GUI

2) Early access Aarna Analytics Platform (AAP) functionality

3) Support for GKE, AKS, EKS, OpenShift, Anuket, and open-source K8s NFVI

4) AMCOP is now available on the Azure marketplace for easy deployment onto Azure

5) AMCOP also includes ONAP Guilin network slicing

A high-level block diagram of AMCOP 2.0 is shown below:

Figure 4: A high-level block diagram of AMCOP 2.0

See a recording of the technical meetup that covered this topic in more depth along with a hands-on demo. If you would like to replicate any of this work in your environment, please contact us.

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