Getting Started in GenAI with a Private, Zero-Trust, Fully Managed LLM

In June of 2023, we announced a partnership with Predera to offer a packaged Generative AI solution to the industry — a private, and fully managed LLM with Predera’s AIQ MLOps Platform modern toolstack and Aarna Network’s AMCOP for zero touch orchestration, configuration, management of upgrades/updates. 

We’re now pleased to announce that NetFoundry has been added to this offering, bringing a zero trust security approach, built on Ziti (which comes in both open source OpenZiti or CloudZiti SaaS). Hosted in an Equinix data center, all connections are made using software-only zero trust endpoints, using outbound connections and ‘authenticate-before-connect’ making it ‘dark’ to the internet with no inbound ports. This provides a security posture beyond those of Managed Commercial solutions, with a user experience as simple as ‘it just being available on the internet’. Get the Solution Brief

This significantly strengthens security and controls as unauthorized attackers have no network access by which to exploit the data. The solution also includes, built-in identity, authentication and authorization, least privilege access, granular visibility, and audit controls.

The GenAI offering also provides resources such as Intel Xeon 6338 processors and NVidia A100, hosted on Equinix Metal. Users can choose between LLMs like Llama, Dolly, or NeMo, support services for model fine-tuning and operations, a management dashboard, and now a zero trust security overlay.

Businesses today need to move fast and start taking advantage of the GenAI revolution while avoiding security threats and bogging down LLM adoption with overly-complex configurations. Get the Solution Brief to learn more and start building your own private, zero trust, fully managed, LLM for GenAI.

To better understand zero trust security, please see these assets from NetFoundry:

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