Introducing AMCOP v4.0.1: Revolutionizing Private 5G Edge Orchestration

We're excited to announce the release of AMCOP 4.0.1, the latest version of our Private 5G Edge Orchestrator. This is the first release based on Nephio/Kubernetes. Nephio Project, initiated by Google and backed by the Linux Foundation, is dedicated to providing carrier-grade, user-friendly, open, Kubernetes-based cloud-native intent automation.

The project aims to offer common automation templates for seamless deployment and management. Designed to simplify the complexities of enterprise edge and private 5G networks, AMCOP 4.0.1 introduces powerful enhancements, including Bare Metal Provisioning and OAI (OpenAirInterface) End-to-End Orchestration, that redefine the landscape of edge computing and network automation.

AMCOP Private 5G Edge Orchestrator serves as a comprehensive platform for orchestration, lifecycle management, real-time policy enforcement, and closed-loop automation of 5G network services and edge computing applications. By enabling zero-touch orchestration of edge infrastructure, applications, and network services at scale, AMCOP provides organizations with a unified management experience through a single pane of glass.

In AMCOP 4.0.1, the Orchestrator functionality is further enhanced with the introduction of Bare Metal Provisioning capabilities. This feature streamlines the process of setting up and managing infrastructure resources, and has options of including VM fleet management on platforms like VMware and Kubernetes cluster creation. With Bare Metal Provisioning, organizations can effortlessly deploy and manage their private 5G infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Additionally, AMCOP 4.0.1 introduces OAI End-to-End Orchestration, enabling seamless integration with OpenAirInterface (OAI) technologies for end-to-end management of 5G network services. This integration facilitates the deployment and operation of various types of workloads, including Kubernetes workloads, with provisions of integrating VMs as Kubernetes objects using Kubevirt, and VMs on hypervisors like ESXi. With OAI End-to-End Orchestration, organizations can create a seamless connection across data resources and processes, driving efficiency and innovation in their edge computing environments.

Furthermore, AMCOP 4.0.1 continues to excel in lifecycle management, configuration management, KPI monitoring, and service assurance capabilities. The platform ensures seamless orchestration of containerized workloads across diverse clusters, simplifying deployment, updating, scaling, and monitoring of applications. With a centralized interface providing a "single pane of glass" view, administrators can efficiently manage the entire system, simplifying monitoring, troubleshooting, and management tasks.

In conclusion, AMCOP 4.0.1 represents a significant leap forward in private 5G edge orchestration, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their edge computing environments. With enhanced capabilities for Bare Metal Provisioning and OAI End-to-End Orchestration, AMCOP continues to lead the way in revolutionizing network automation and edge computing.

Join us in embracing the future of enterprise edge and private 5G networks with AMCOP 4.0.1. Experience it through our User Experience Kit.

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