Join Aarna Networks at the Linux Foundation Open Networking and Edge Summit

The Linux Foundation Open Networking & Edge Summit or the ONE Summit virtual event will be held from October 11-12. The event is promoting end-to-end connectivity solutions powered by Open Source and will showcase collaborative efforts that are defining the future of networking and edge computing. We are participating in two-panel discussions, three presentations, and three demos (explore the schedule). Below is a brief description of the various sessions Aarna Networks is participating in.

1. Keynote Address on Network Slicing for the 5G Super Blueprint (11th October, Monday 9:00 AM PDT)

Recording here

Slides here

In this keynote address, we will discuss the state of network slicing for the 5G Super Blueprint and show a demo of video streaming through two slices, each with a different bandwidth service level agreement.

2. Complex Infrastructure Design and Multi-Domain Orchestration using EMCO and ONAP CDS (12th October, Tuesday 5:00 PM PDT)

Recording & Slides here

In this panel discussion jointly with Equinix, we will cover the Public Cloud Edge Interface – Akraino Blueprint.

Edge computing requires orchestration, management, and automation across multiple domains. These tasks can quickly become complex, especially in a cloud-native environment with a large number of cloud-native network functions (CNF) or cloud-native applications (CNA). The LF Edge Akraino Public Cloud Edge Interface blueprint solves one such use case where the tasks range from edge cloud infrastructure deployment, edge cloud application orchestration, public cloud application orchestration, edge cloud to public cloud network orchestration, and registration of edge cloud applications with the public cloud applications. In this presentation and demo, we will show how two Linux Foundation Network projects: EMCO (a new addition to LFN) and ONAP CDS can be used to automate the various tasks required for end-to-end provisioning.

The purpose of Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI) Blueprint is to develop a set of open APIs, orchestration functionalities, and edge capabilities for enabling Multi-Domain Interworking across the Operator Network Edge, the Public Cloud Core and Edge, the 3rd-Party Edge as well as the underlying infrastructure such as Data Centres, Computer Hardware and Networks. In the Infra Design and Multi-Domain Orchestration Demo, we will deploy EMCO 2.0, CDS, and CBAs, publish the cluster info, application helm charts, and Terraform plans to GIT, design the edge and public cloud infrastructure then provision the CDS/Terraform infrastructure be it bare metal (Equinix Metal Cloud), K8S on bare metal and Azure cloud. Thereafter we will interconnect Edge Cloud with Public Cloud and finally deploy the Edge Application - dynamic K8S cluster registration to EMCO and dynamic onboarding of App Helm Charts to EMCO.

3. ONAP for Enterprise Business (11th October, Monday 3:40 PM PDT)

In this joint panel discussion with AT&T and Ericsson, we will cover the role of ONAP for Network Automation, RAN Virtualization and acting as an enabler for Enterprise Market:

Over the last 4 years, the ONAP community has been collaborating with the Industry through cross open-source community engagement and cross-influences with SDOs. We have developed impactful features like 5G Footprint, Network Slicing, and O-RAN integration. We continuously add more cloud-native, modular capabilities, and robust integration. We are also implementing ONAP “best practices” in our source code to offer scalable, reliable, and secure production readiness deployments. All this -- makes ONAP a true enabler for Innovation. While ONAP has primarily been used by Network Service Providers to support their Network Automation Transformation and RAN Virtualization Journey, the ONAP Community also recognizes the value of ONAP in the Enterprise/Vertical markets. A new TSC Task Force was therefore created on January 20th, 2021 in order to define ONAP added-value for Enterprise Business. This session will share the role of ONAP in the “5G Open Source Stack Initiative“ recently launched by the Linux Foundation Networking - Codename « 5G Super Blueprint » We will explain how the ONAP Platform will interact with the Magma open-source platform and with other 5G Super Blueprint components.

We will explain the roadmap of ONAP right from defining Magma Controller CNF and AGW VNF using ONAP Integration to the orchestration of Magma Controller and AGW CNFs using ONAP, Network Slicing Optimization, and many more. We will explain the 5G Open Source Stack Initiative and dive into the applicability of ONAP for Orchestration and Life Cycle Management, Cloud-native Modularity, 5G Network Slicing, supporting ORAN SC SMO and Control Loop Automation. We will explain the compliance of ONAP with Anuket which delivers a common model, standardized reference infrastructure specifications. ONAP / Anuket integration leads to the deployment of ONAP using Kuberef. We will explain the architecture and key points of Magma and then delve into the scope of integration of ONAP with Magma.

4. AI/ML, Data Analytics, Closed Loop Control (12th October, Tuesday 5:00 PM PDT)

The O-RAN Alliance and 3GPP specifications call for analytics functionality to be implemented in the Service Management & Orchestration (SMO) and Operations Administration & Management (OA&M) software. Though the functions span different domains, O-RAN and 5G Core, they have a striking resemblance in what is required of them. In this session, we will show how various components of ONAP DCAE can be used to implement the functionality of NONRTRIC and NWDAF in an architecturally unified manner. We will show what external glue logic (such as the LF AI Acumos project) is needed to build these features and what interfaces are expected from the 5G Core and RAN functions (which can be commercial or open-source).

5. Multi Kubernetes Cluster Networking, Mesh and Application Orchestration in Open Source Way (11th October, Monday 4:20 PM PDT)

Traditional hybrid cloud deployments worked fine with several discrete control planes, one for each functionality – SDN controller for switch & transport automation, individual cloud orchestrators for application deployments, few security control planes for threat security, service assurance central platform for analytics and observability, and many more. As Enterprises adopt multi-cloud and multi-edge strategies for their application deployments that are on-demand and sometimes ephemeral, the industry sees the need for a universal control plane that automates infrastructure in an end-to-end fashion in tune with the application lifecycle. The newly introduced Linux Foundation Networking EMCO project is one such open-source initiative that is striving to address the needs of a universal control plane. In this panel, we will reiterate enterprise requirements, introduce EMCO, its features, the need for open-source, and how it addresses the lock-in issues that enterprises care about.

6. Cloud Native 5G Blueprint Network Slicing Demo

The LF Networking community has enhanced the 5G Super Blueprint foundation by adding network slicing on the 5G cloud-native network demo. This POC is based on the ONAP Honolulu release and demonstrates an open-source approach to improving QoS in 5G networks by optimizing network resources and topologies driven by 5G use cases, MNOs would be able to achieve improved performance and greater flexibility. The demo will also showcase a custom Network Slice Subnet Management Function (NSSMF) that was developed as part of this effort.

See the demo here.

7. LF Edge Akraino Private LTE/5G ICN Blueprint Demo

In this demo, we will showcase the integration of various open-source projects under LF and CNCF to realize an E2E solution for private-5G connectivity. The focus would be automation required to provide 5G connectivity in multiple sites by deploying 5G network services with multiple CNFs, life cycle management of 5G services, and connectivity & security automation. It uses EMCO for automation, Akraino/ICN platform for Edges/Sites with Edge/Telco K8s extensions, and Magma/free5GC for 5GC and simulated 5GRAN.

See the demo here.

8. EMCO + Magma Demo

In this demo, we will show how the new LFN Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestration (EMCO) project can be used to deploy Magma Orchestrator and Access Gateway (AGW) on a Kubernetes cluster with appropriate Day 0 configurations. The benefit of this integration to users is to reduce the manual and error-prone tasks required to deploy Magma. The demo will also talk about the roadmap where Day 1, 2 configurations, lifecycle management, network slicing, and service assurance can all be automated.

See the demo here.

I hope you can join us!

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