Join our Linux Foundation Networking Developer & Testing Forum Presentations

Linux Foundation Networking is holding a Developer & Testing Forum next week (from June 7 to June 10). We are presenting four sessions (see agenda). Below is a brief description of the sessions:

1. CDS and Terraform for Multi-Domain Orchestration and Interconnection of Cloud and Edge (Tuesday 5:30-6:00AM PDT)

Recordings & slides here.

In this joint presentation with Equinix, we will cover the following:

Most practical deployments of edge infrastructure and applications are hybrid in nature, where an application deployed at the edge often needs to access services residing in the core cloud. In addition, there is a need for efficient and performant interconnection between edge and cloud as well as between the distributed edges proximal to end users. However, each individual service domain (e.g. edge, cloud, network fabric) often presents their own specific APIs and/or other provisioning methods (e.g. CLI), thus making end-to-end deployment challenging both in complexity and in time. Therefore a multi-domain orchestration solution is required to handle edge, cloud and interconnection in a uniform and consistent manner. Terraform is rapidly emerging as a common way to orchestrate and configure services rather than having to deal with APIs for each different domain: public or private cloud, edge and interconnection. In this presentation and hands-on demo, Equinix and Aarna Networks will show how an end-to-end application can be deployed, configured and interconnected between the edge and core clouds  by using ONAP/CDS orchestration in combination with Terraform.

2. CDS to Manage OLT Configuration (Wednesday 8:00-8:30AM PDT)

Recordings & slides here.

In this joint presentation with TIGO, we will cover the following:

With FTTx rollouts progressing, there is an increasing need to manage 10s or 100s of thousands of OLT switches. CDS provides an elegant solution to manage the configuration of these OLT switches. In this talk and hands-on demo we will discuss the CDS Blueprint Archive we developed to solve this issue. After watching this presentation, you will be able to understand how to use CDS to configure PNFs using Telnet.

3. Network Slicing using ONAP and a commercial 5G Core (Thursday 6:00-6:30AM PDT)

Recordings & slides here.

In this joint presentation with Tech Mahindra and Wipro, we will cover the following:

In this session, we will show how to integrate ONAP network slicing with a commercial 5G core. We present the options that are available in ONAP for such an integration, and show a demo of the feature, by creating network slicing templates from ONAP SDC, create a core network slice, activating it (from ONAP UUI), and running a test using a commercial UE/gNB simulator. We also present the future roadmap, and what other possible integration options are available with ONAP Network slicing.

4. Magma Core integration with ONAP as part of the ONAP Enterprise WG Update (Tuesday 7:30-8:30AM PDT)

Recordings & slides here.

A new TSC Task Force was created on January 20th, 2021 in order to define ONAP added-value for Enterprise Business. This session will share the role of ONAP in the 5G Super Blueprint and share how the ONAP Platform will interact with the Magma open source platform

I hope you can join us!

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