Learn the 5 Edge Native Application Principles

“Cloud Native” computing represents paradigm shift for the computing ecosystem that continues to spur innovation and drive new business models. Edge computing is intricately woven into the cloud -- and driven by use cases like multicloud networking, cloud adjacent storage, and cloud edge machine learning -- has taken this concept to the enterprise edge. But edge computing environments have compute, connectivity, storage, and power constraints, necessitating new approaches and a new set of "Edge Native" principles.

The edge native infographic below highlights the work of the IOT Edge Working Group to explore what it means to be edge native, the differences and similarities between “Cloud Native” and “Edge Native”, and offer an initial set of principles for the industry to interpret, apply, and iterate upon. You can get the full whitepaper here. The group is now working on a set of Edge Native Application Design Behaviors Whitepaper. Stay tuned!

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