LFN D&TF June 2023: Aarna’s Participation Highlights

Aarna Networks participated in the recently concluded Linux Foundation Networking Developer and Testing Forum. The community gathered virtually June 6-8 and had the opportunity to collaborate to advance open source networking initiatives. Just like the previous virtual D&TFs, this was a gathering for community-generated sessions and discussions in order to address the challenges, opportunities, and future roadmaps for the projects and key initiatives. 

Aarna Networks participated in the following sessions:

The 5G Super Blueprint is an initiative to prototype and integrate open source software to address real-world use cases. It gives projects an opportunity to demonstrate their value to end users and gives end users an idea of how they could leverage the open source projects. During the February 2023 we had an initial brainstorming session to figure out how Nephio might fit into the existing blueprint work. Since then there has been some progress on the blueprint, and it is time to go to the next level of details on leveraging Nephio's as well as ONAP capabilities to enrich the blueprint.

Check the slides and video.

Aarna Speaker - Yogendra Pal

As part of 5G SBP efforts, Aarna has worked in the community to develop E2E network slicing of the Core network and RAN using open source components. In this presentation, we demonstrated how to create an E2E network slice with cloud native network functions (CNFs) using EMCO. The Core Network (CN) will be an open source version of Free5GC (v3.2.1), and the RAN will be an open source version of UERANSIM (v3.2.6) with an integrated gNB.

Check the slides and demo video.

Aarna Speaker -Sandeep Sharma

The community is investigating Nephio's suitability for new use cases for network transformation as it develops. For the forthcoming O-RAN SC plugfest, a brand-new project is currently being developed that investigates how O2 IMS can expose a cloud-native declarative interface and combine with FOCOM in the Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) for administering the O-Cloud. This is applicable to both wireless and wired core IP networks using the IMS transport plane. We will discuss ideas for implementing and driving a declarative O2 IMS interface using Nephio Design Principles in this talk. The integration of the FOCOM in the SMO layer with the IMS implemented as Nephio is then discussed.

Check the slides and demo video.

We look forward to seeing you at the next LFN D&TF in the fall, 2023.

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