Mobileum and Aarna demonstrated product interoperability at the 4th ETSI Plugtests

The 4th ETSI Plugtests event was conducted earlier in June of this year. We got the opportunity to work with several VNF and VIM vendors, as well as end users.  One of the interoperability tests we concluded successfully was between our ONAP distro and Mobileum’s Smart Diameter Routing Agent (sDRA) and virtual Network Traffic Redirection (vNTR) VNFs.

A bit of background first:

Mobileum helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) grow and protect their revenues, innovate new business models, and digitally engage with their customers. Mobileum leverages their unique technology platform, Active Intelligence, to deliver innovative analytics solutions in focused areas; in Roaming, Fraud, Revenue Assurance, Security, and Customer Engagement. Mobileum Smart DRA (Diameter Routing Agent) application leverage's Mobileum’s standards-based, carrier-grade, multi-feature platform called SDS, to provide comprehensive features and functionalities of DRA solution in a single node. Mobileum’s Network Traffic Redirection application is an innovative solution that offers mobile operator to pro-actively contact their outbound roamers by using signalling protocols to influence the choice of networks to which they latch when they roam.

ANOD is Aarna Networks’ 100% pure play commercially supported distribution of the Linux Foundation Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) project. ONAP includes the functionality of a  MANO solution, as described by ETSI, in terms of NFVO and VNFM, but goes beyond that by providing a real-time policy driven closed loop automation framework for service assurance. In addition, ONAP contains an inventory service and a simple-to-use design studio.

Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution and Mobileum Network Service Interop Testing

Mobileum participated in the VNF category of the Plugtests and we, with ANOD,  in the MANO category. The Heat templates provided by Mobileum for the vSDRA and vNTR VNFs were first onboarded onto Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution (ANOD) 2.0 by using the Service Design & Creation (SDC) design studio. Once onboarded, the VNFs were chained together by using a common virtual network into a single Network Service along with a traffic generator. The Network Service was distributed to the run-time components of ANOD. Finally, by using the Virtual Infrastructure Deployment (VID) tool, the Network Service was deployed onto a commercial OpenStack distribution.

To learn more about ANOD or how Aarna Networks might help you package your VNF/PNF/CNF for ONAP, please contact us.

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