Nephio, 5G Super Blueprint and more in Budapest

The LF Networking Developer & Testing Forum is a critical gathering of software architects, engineers, developers, project managers, and more that make up the open source networking community. Aarna Networks has attended many of these events over the years, and for this most recent event in Budapest, November 13-16, 2023, we were honored to be represented by Vikas Kumar, Member of Technical Staff. 

Vikas led discussions in the following three areas:

The slides and video recordings of each session are now available on the LFN wiki topics page.

The extensive capabilities and potential applications of Nephio for Enterprise garnered positive reception during the event. Numerous proposals were articulated, outlining strategic integrations of Nephio with existing Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) projects like ONAP. Particularly noteworthy was the exploration of Nephio's use cases beyond the telecommunications sector, which resonated strongly with community members, fostering considerable interest. Consequently, this reception paved the way for diverse collaboration opportunities to unfold.

The session on E2E Nephio R1 workload orchestration was also very well received. The presentation delivered a comprehensive examination of the features encompassed in the R1 release of Nephio, highlighting its robust capabilities.

There was a lot of interest around the session of the 5G Super Blueprint where we orchestrated OAI core and Amarisoft gNB. Notably, the community members displayed heightened interest in our proposal for a gNB controller tailored for Amarisoft, envisaged to intricately manage the backend configuration of the gNB.


The event showcased various LFN projects, each contributing to the evolution of networking technologies. From ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) to Nephio, the breadth and depth of the projects underscored the foundation's commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration.

Beyond the scheduled sessions, the event offered ample opportunities for networking. From casual conversations over coffee to structured networking sessions, we had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, including developers, industry professionals, and fellow enthusiasts. The diversity of backgrounds and perspectives showcased the broad impact of open source networking initiatives.

Aarna Networks would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the Linux Foundation and the open source networking community on another successful event. We look forward to the next one this coming spring as part of the ONE Summit, April 29 - May 1 in San Jose, CA.

If you missed the chance to connect with us at the show, and would like to discuss these or other topics, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us to arrange a meeting – we're here to connect and collaborate.

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