Nephio Collaboration in Bangalore

“Nephio is disrupting the industry with a dramatically simplified framework and R1 represents a significant milestone in this journey. By automating cloud infrastructure, network functions, and potentially edge applications together, Nephio is transforming network service delivery,” said Amar Kapadia, Co-Founder and CEO, Aarna Networks.

With this vision in mind, Aarna Networks hosted an illuminating meetup on September 28, 2023, in Bangalore focused on the Nephio project. The event attracted professionals from notable organizations such as Samsung, Tata Communications, AccuKnox, and others, all seeking insights into this groundbreaking technology.

The event commenced with Sandeep Sharma, Principal Architect at Aarna Networks, taking the stage to highlight Nephio's pioneering features, functionalities, and its application. His presentation offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of Nephio's transformative potential.

Following this, Rahul Jadhav, representing AccuKnox, contributed his expertise on leveraging Nephio for intent-driven security automation. In a digital landscape where security stands as a paramount concern, Rahul's insights underscored Nephio's critical role in enhancing security measures.

The event continued with Sandeep Sharma and Rahul Jadhav reconvening to explore potential collaboration points and the future trajectory of Nephio. Their discussions not only provided valuable information but also ignited engaging conversations regarding Nephio's multifaceted applications across various industry segments.

Sriram Rupanagunta, CEO of Aarna Networks, brought the event to a close by leading an open discussion. This session enabled participants to raise questions and share their perspectives, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared learning. It emphasized the event's core theme of collaboration.

Nephio's potential to simplify the deployment and management of multi-vendor cloud infrastructure and network functions across large scale edge deployments is promising.

Get the presentation slides from the event here.

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