Nephio Technical Overview Video

By Sandeep Sharma, Software Engineer, Aarna Networks

Since launching in the spring, the Nephio Project has witnessed tremendous growth; in members, participants, and industry watchers. It’s been my pleasure to join the Nephio TSC and begin leading and contributing to this exciting new project. Nephio’s goal is to deliver carrier-grade, simple, open, Kubernetes-based cloud native intent automation and common automation templates that materially simplify the deployment and management of multi-vendor cloud infrastructure and network functions across large scale edge deployments.

Nephio Demo Video

The TSC is made up of 2 SIGs (Standardized Information Gatherings); the Automation SIG, exploring infrastructure and microservices deployment; and the Networking Architecture SIG, exploring how networking challenges can be addressed by Nephio (currently working to automate Free5GC with Nephio). 

The Automation SIG recently developed a controller through workload application (DNS orchestration) and we are now working to extend it to include AWS infrastructure automation. In this new Nephio Technical Overview and Demo video, I demonstrate the infrastructure and workload automation of the Nephio platform by executing commands and showing the results on an AWS console. By specifying simple intents using the Nephio controller, users can automate infrastructure and workload intent. 

Aarna Networks is actively contributing to Nephio infrastructure automation as well as network service orchestration and plan to consume this work in our upcoming offerings. I encourage you to learn more about Nephio below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Video: Technical Overview & Demo

Executive Guide: Project Nephio

Blog: What is the Nephio Project? 

Video: What is the Nephio Project? 

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