O-RAN SMO & ODL UI Development Setup

The O-RAN SMO platform can be accessed through various user interfaces (UIs), including the OpenDaylight (ODL) UI. OpenDaylight  is an open source software-defined networking (SDN) controller platform that provides a modular architecture for network automation and orchestration.

The ODL UI for O-RAN SMO provides a web-based graphical user interface for managing and orchestrating O-RAN network services. It allows users to visualize the network topology, configure network elements, and monitor network performance. The ODL UI also provides a REST API that can be used for programmatic access to the O-RAN SMO platform.

This document discusses about how to build and deploy ODL UI locally for development.


  1. NodeJs (v12.16.3)
  2. Yarn (1.22.17 - latest at the time) : npm install --global yarn

Steps to build and run UI locally

  1. Clone the repo : git clone  GitHub - onap/ccsdk-features
  2. Change the authentication from oauth to basic in
  3. Change proxy targets in /home/vikas/code/ccsdk-features/sdnr/wt/odlux/framework/webpack.config.js from "http://sdnr:8181" to the ip address of the server where the api gateway is running. This will be used by the UI to get the data from rest endpoints e.g. target: "".
  4. Now we need to build the base app which will wrap all the other apps like connect, faultApp etc.
    Go to ccsdk-features/sdnr/wt/odlux/framework and run the below commands :
  • yarn
  • yarn run vendor:dev
  • yarn run build:dev
  1. After this there will be a dist folder created at ccsdk-features/sdnr/wt/odlux. Now we can build the apps we want by going to the respective location and running yarn build:dev. e.g go to ccsdk-features/sdnr/wt/odlux/apps/connect and run yarn build:dev. For the UI to come up we need at least “connect“ and “faultApp“. This can be changed in /home/vikas/code/ccsdk-features/sdnr/wt/odlux/framework/src/index.dev.html
  2. Once we build the required apps we can run the gui by below command.
  • cd ccsdk-features/sdnr/wt/odlux/framework
  • yarn start
  • GUI can be accessed from localhost:3100

Using the OpenDaylight User Interface (DLUX) — OpenDaylight Documentation Oxygen documentation  

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