Our 5G Demo is a Light Reading Leading Lights Awards 2020 Finalist

We (Aarna Networks) are deeply involved with the OPNFV 5G Cloud Native Network demo that showcases a subset of ONAP optimized for cloud-native workloads orchestrating Altran’s 5GC onto RedHat OpenShift. Feel free to read my prior blog on this topic and to view the webinar recording.

I’m thrilled to report that the demo was chosen as a Light Reading Leading Lights Awards 2020 finalist. We are in the “Most Innovative 5G Strategy”.

There are two ways to approach cloud-native. One is cloud-native-only-in-name. In this approach, you would keep doing everything as you used to and simply replace OpenStack APIs with Kubernetes APIs. Numerous multicloud solutions take this approach. The second approach is to be fully immersed in the Kubernetes and CNCF ecosystem. This means working with Helm, Operators, Custom Resources, Istio (or some other service mesh), Prometheus, FluentD, Jaeger, Argo, Knative, and more. It’s about fully embracing the entire CNCF/cloud-native mindset.

Our demo takes this second approach. And that’s why I’m so glad that Light Reading gave the demo the recognition it deserves. Another feature of this project is that it is open. This means anybody can join the project, can contribute, and can learn how to replicate the demo in their own environment. Join us! And if you have any questions about what subset of ONAP we are using to work this magic, contact us.

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