Our 5G Orchestration Demos and Activities at ONES 2020

Please engage with us at ONES next week. We have four ways for you to check out our 5G orchestration demos and to engage with us at the Linux Foundation Open Networking and Edge Summit next week.

Our 5G Orchestration Demos & Activities at ONES 2020

  1. We are working on a cloud native 5G orchestration demo with a number of other companies. This demo will be shown during the Keynote on Monday. In this demo you can see our product based on Intel/ONAP EMCO and ONAP CDS orchestrate Altran 5GC onto Red Hat OpenShift. The 5GC also includes a UPF from Kaloom. The end-to-end testing is done using a gNB/UE emulator by Rebaca Technologies.
  2. This same demo will also be shown during the expo at the "Onboarding 5G CNFs with ONAP: As Easy as 1, 2, 3 (ONAP, OPNFV, K8s)" virtual booth.
  3. We are working on a Private LTE/5G over CBRS blueprint in the Akraino community. See the demo of our first milestone where we orchestrate Free5GC using our new product AMCOP based on Intel/ONAP EMCO and ONAP CDS.
  4. We will be there at the "Ask the Expert" session on Monday to answer any questions about 5G Technology and its relationship to LF Networking or LF Edge.

See you next week! If you miss any demos or would like to follow up with us, please contact us.

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