Our LFN DDF Experience

The LFN DDF held from June 11-14 in Stockholm was a very pleasant experience! The weather was wonderful, Stockholm is beautiful, and it was bright & sunny all the time (I literally mean all the time, I didn't see darkness for a week). We had 4 presentations on the following ONAP related topics:

  • FlexRAN onboarding to ONAP: Virtual Radio Area Network (vRAN) is a critical piece for upcoming 5G networks. In this joint presentation/demo with Intel, we showed how to build the FlexRAN (an open source vRAN approximation VNF from Intel), onboard it onto ONAP, and then deploy it onto OpenStack. Once the service was deployed, the FlexRAN service performs basic operations in a simulated environment.
  • ONAP OOM GUI based installer: Remember how during the early days OpenStack installation was super difficult and a number of vendors made it easier through a GUI based installer? We are doing the same with ONAP. We showed a demo of our GUI based installer, built on top of OOM, that can install ONAP with a single click using model driven inputs.
  • 4th ETSI NFV Plugtests Summary & Learnings for ONAP:  Here we provided a brief description of the ONAP interop activities at the 4th ETSI NFV Plugtests held from June 3-7, 2019. We also covered our learnings. See related blog where we talk about our Plugtests experience.
  • ONAP COP Exam Review: In this session, we reviewed the status of the upcoming Certified ONAP Professional exam, discussed the challenges faced, and invited community members to help with specific questions/API documentation and to be alpha/beta testers

Presentations and recorded demos are available here. Wanting to try out ONAP? Consider our Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution that can be deployed on GCP in under a half day.

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