The New Middle Mile Report Is Here!

"The middle mile holds a unique position in the communication infrastructure. This strategic Goldilocks location is the right distance from end-users and data centers, allowing it to facilitate faster communication and host next-generation services that demand a better experience. Given the importance of achieving application performance goals and the increasingly tight coupling between computing and networking, we propose examining the middle mile through a joint networking and computing lens, redefining the New Middle Mile (NMM)." - New Middle Mile Report (Page 1)

The New Middle Mile Report from AvidThink and Converge Network Digest is here! This has been in the works a while and represents a welcome addition to today’s networking research landscape. Traditionally, the Middle Mile has been a static, manual, and opaque environment. But the definition of the middle mile is changing to reflect the strategic importance of the infrastructure location from edge to cloud.

The New Middle Mile is expanding largely through a renaissance in 3 main areas:

1. MultiCloud Networking

2. Storage Repatriation

3. Cloud Edge Machine Learning

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog series in each of these areas.

In the meantime, learn more in this short video from Amar Kapadia, Co-founder and CEO of Aarna Networks.

Download the full report here.

The New Middle Mile Report 2023
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